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Lighting can profoundly transform any venue space into something special.  From soft hues of amber to brilliant reds or other thematic colors, or simply accenting a floral centerpiece or elegant walkway.  White Rose Weddings brings quality and creativity to all our designs, from intimate backyard weddings to large gala receptions.

Our technical staff uses the latest lighting technology to create an exquisite and memorable design for you and your guests.  From Chicagoland’s landmark buildings to the banquet rooms of the Midwest’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants. From private residences to the finest Wineries;  We’ve done them all.

In addition to lighting design, we also specialize in custom drape, audio systems, video, projection, red carpet and isle runners, velvet ropes, staging, and much, much more!

Here are a few of the lighting effects  we can do at your wedding.


Light and color projected discreetly from the bottom of a wall, tree, column or other architectural element gives added dimension and drama and can be quite stunning.

Monogram & Logo Projection

A couple’s monogram or other iconography can be projected onto a floor, wall, or ceiling in a host of colors.

Intelligent Lighting

Lights that are programmable with a wide variety of effects and patterns. These are the ultimate party lights, immediately creating a buzz on the dance floor, over the stage or over the entire room!

Custom Drapery

Drapery can serve a number of roles — from creating partitions, to helping with sound absorption, to softening the look of a room or an outdoor venue.

White Rose Weddings are your wedding lighting experts

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