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Don’t Forget! Last minute checklist for Reception DJ

So, your big day is coming up quick! Our team put together a quick list of different aspects of the wedding reception from the Disc Jockey perspective. These questions we always ask our clients and hopefully can help you too! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Here is a brief list:


Did your DJ supply the Certificate of Insurance yet?: _________________________________________

Location for DJ to set up: _________________________________________________________________

Note: The DJ usually requires a minimum of 8 feet of table space, which must be within 20 feet

of a three-pronged grounded electrical outlet.



Do you wish the have the bride and groom announced when they enter the room? ____________________

If so, how do wish to have them announced? __________________________________________________

Do you wish to have the wedding party announced? ____________________________________________

If so, a list of names and their order should be provided to the DJ, and a bride’s representative needs to

work with the DJ in pronouncing names correctly and coordinating the wedding party’s entrance into the

room. As a general guide, this is the order in which the wedding party enters the room:


Br ides’ Parents – Groom’s Parents – Flower Girl and Ring Bearer – Maids and Usher s –

Maid/Matron of Honor and Best Man – Newlyweds

Will there be a toast? ______________ If so, who will make it? __________________________________

Will you be cutting your cake? ____________________ Before or after toast? _______________________

Dinner: Sitdown? _________Buffet? ________ Family-Style? _________Other? ____________________

Will there be a blessing before dinner? __________ If so, who will give it? _________________________

When will the first dance be? ______________________________________________________________


Note: for the majority of couples, this occurs at the end of the meal and after the cake has been cut and the

toast has been made. However, other couples prefer the first dance when you enter the room. No matter

which, when notified that you’re ready, the DJ will announce that it’s time for the first dance and say

something similar to, “Ladies and gentlemen, here in their first dance as husband and wife is (your names)

dancing to (song title) by (artist).”


First Dance Song: _______________________________________________________________________

Second Dance Song: _____________________________________________________________________\

Do you wish second dance song to be:


  • father/bride song?
  • father/bride song for first verse with mother/groom joining in after first verse/chorus?
  • father/bride and mother/groom dancing together from the beginning of song?
  • other? ________________________________________________________


Third Dance Song:_______________________________________________________________________


Do you wish third dance song to be:


  • mother/groom song?
  • wedding party song?
  • song to open dance floor?
  • other? _________________________________________________________


Will there be:

  • throwing of the bouquet?
  • throwing of the garter?
  • placing of garter of the girl who caught bouquet by the guy who caught the garter?
  •  other special events (such as a dollar dance, etc.)? If so, please specify:



  • Any special announcements you’d like made and when:
  • Music requests: (Use a separate sheet if needed.)
  • Any types of music or particular songs/artists you don’t wish played, even if requested by guests:




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